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The Handy

How do I connect the Handy to Intiface/Buttplug?

To connect the Handy to Intiface/Buttplug:

  • The Handy will need to have Firmware Version 3 or higher. Most devices are updated to that these days, but if you are using an older device, check that first.
  • Make sure Bluetooth Device support is turned on for Intiface/Buttplug.
  • Turn the device on, wait for the LED to go green.
  • Hold the "WiFi" button until the LED turns blue.
  • At this point, if Intiface/Buttplug is scanning, it should detect and connect to the Handy.

The Handy doesn't stroke the full length of the toy

You may need to set the internal settings of the toy to change the maximum stroke length. Check The Handy Support Site for more info.